Web Application Development With Android

Article by Sanjeet Kumar

Android is an operating system developed by GOOGLE specially for mobile phones. It is an open source software stack based upon Linux kernel. After release of android it became the first choice for smart phone users. Android is not an mobile company but it is name of Operating System. Although Phones with android are expansive then also attracting customers with many applications and features available.

In very less time period the base for Android users is very large as it grew exponentially. Developers became the direct beneficiary of popularity of Android. It is the latest craze amongst developer to be part of of android and developing applications. Developing applications for android is new so all developers or software/web development companies are migrating to Android.

Android application can be delivered in two ways first is client side application and second is web application. Client side application is developed using Android SDK and need to be installed on user device. Web application is developed using web standards and can be accessed via web. Android made it some what easy to develop web application as it supports viewport properties and application fits according to the screen size of the device at the same time using CSS and JavaScript we can provide different styles and formatting. Android also supports a feature that we can develop a application for client side that embeds some web pages.

As I wrote Android is open source stack of software provide facility of developing high quality customized web application suitable for mobile as well. It has inbuilt support for 2D and 3D graphics, Java to use vast Java libraries to create rich mobile web apps. Android doesn’t differentiate between third party applications and core mobile apps. Support of Linux ensures that application are highly stable and will not crash in normal environment. Using android we can integrate inter process and inter application.

WebView is a view that display web pages. This class support the roll of web pages in browser, navigate forward and backward through a history, zoom in and out and many more. WebView an important part of Android to develop web application or mobile application. Webview enabled us to use web pages with client side applications. If we want to develop a web application we can use WebView. It is an extension class of view class of Android. WebView shows your page as a web page as default. WebView is helpful is when we want to provide information in application that might need to update or always need an Internet connection to retrieve data. We can use JavaScript with WebView.

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