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Its iPhone Vs Android Application Development

iPhone and Android… both of them are the most sought after smartphones of this generation. With these two smartphones, life is getting easier and smoother. However, for a developer, application development for these two smartphones is undeniably a delight, since he can address an international audience with these apps. The contrast between Android and iPhone […]

Ron Paul Super PAC Breaks Exit Polling Monopoly

As primary voters head to the ballot box today in Michigan and Arizona, media outlets and the public have a brand new exit polling resource. Empowered by the state-of-the-art smartphone application PollWatcher v1.5, Revolution PAC teams will provide instant and verifiable voter data from polling sites in both states.   The move effectively ends the […]

Latest Android News

Facebook testing Android SMS integration, denies "spying" allegations By Jon Brodkin | Published February 27, 2012 11:23 AM Facebook is testing new mobile features for Android that integrate with the SMS functionality in smartphones, taking advantage of updated permissions allowing Facebook access to users' text messages … Read more on Ars Technica

Web Application Development With Android

Article by Sanjeet Kumar Android is an operating system developed by GOOGLE specially for mobile phones. It is an open source software stack based upon Linux kernel. After release of android it became the first choice for smart phone users. Android is not an mobile company but it is name of Operating System. Although Phones […]

Discover the Benefits of Blackberry and Android

Article by Marky Mark Tables are turning in the mobile space as Google’s Android Operating System (OS) is taking the US and global markets by storm. According to Neilsen consumers are twice as likely to choose the Android OS over Apple’s iOS. The three leading OS are Android, Apple’s iOS and Blackberry’s RIM. The overall […]

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